Honing The Employer Brand

NLS Finland


The National Land Survey (NLS) of Finland has a history of over 200 years in different property transaction services. At its very core, NLS produces maps and advances the intelligent use of them. It also secures the system of land ownership and land mortgages by preserving information on buildings and land parcels in their registries, and by registering new ownerships and mortgages.



Competition over the brightest minds is growing rapidly across the globe and intensifying also in Finland. Set in the current competitive context, the NLS was seeking to improve their employer brand and increase the attractiveness of the entire land surveying-field in the eyes of young talents.


We started the project by conducting structured interviews with students, who had chosen to study land survey as their major subject. In these interviews, we wanted to learn, among other things, what career options they consider after graduating.

In the next stage, we then involved people from NLS to understand what they see as the most problematic bottlenecks but also as the most exciting opportunities within their field of expertise.

Once we had a clear understanding of the ecosystem, we created the concept with one clear goal: to influence and attract young talents, who were to first choose their field of study, and then their employer. The concept was divided to concrete, practical actions that all supported this goal.


At the heart of the concept we created for the NLS, is a clear value proposition. The new value proposition, with the supporting tools, help the NLS in crafting consistent and relevant communications to its target audience, i.e. the young talents in their field.

The NLS’s bright future is supported with an employer brand that is aligned with what the young, bright minds are after.