Doreen Lilienfeld

On How to Engage Boards in Building a Winning Corporate Culture

Doreen Lilienfeld is Global Governance & Advisory Practice Group Leader and partner at the law firm Shearman and Sterling. She has worked in the Frankfurt, London and Bay area offices of Shearman and Sterling and lectured in Executive Conversation at the Berkeley School of Law.

At Shearman and Sterling Doreen has been closely involved for years in the process of publishing the Annual Report and Survey on Corporate Governance. This report has been released already 16 times and it has gained a lot of recognition in the corporate world in the US.

In this Company Culture Hackathon episode Doreen Lilienfeld gives 10 recommendations that can help boards engage in the corporate culture.

As Doreen eloquently puts it: “The board needs to work with the CEO and other senior management to establish clarity on what the corporate values are. And to develop concrete incentives and policies and controls to support that culture.”

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