Creating an Overall Brand Concept



Walki Group is a leading manufacturer of technical laminates and protective packaging materials. It is specialized in the production of fibre-based, intelligent multi-laminate products.

The Challenge

Walki, like many other manufacturing companies, deals with complex technologies and processes that are hard for other people to fully grasp. Walki needed help in communicating their business fundamentals and their future ambitions in a bold and differentiating way.

The Solution

We started our collaboration hosting a two-day workshop with the entire management team. At Co-founders, we believe change is possible only when the whole management team is held accountable for driving it. In order to position Walki amongst the competition, we analyzed the context in which Walki operates. This meant defining the market, auditing and identifying different opportunities and creating alternative positioning. We wanted to create powerful positioning that articulates why a customer should choose Walki over the brands of competitors. Once the brand strategy was completed, we planned how it would be implemented across internal and external touch points.

The Result

Eventually, the extensive ground work produced a clear brand strategy. This was crystallised in a brand manual, which helped complete a comprehensive brand renewal that is visible across the company. Now, brand attributes and a clear brand proposition drive all activities from sales management, recruiting processes, verbal and visual communications all the way to building the company culture.