Making a renewed brand come alive



Live is a foundation and a service brand that provides education, training, rehabilitation, and coaching services to thousands of customers in Finland. The Live Foundation’s social mission is to promote and support people’s ability to become and remain fully-fledged members of Finnish society.

Live’s roots go back all the way to 1940, when it was founded as Invalidisäätiö to provide treatment, rehabilitation and vocational training to those injured in the Winter War. Live has played a key role in developing Finnish health care and rehabilitation, from orchestrating the first joint replacement and endoscopic surgeries to heading the leading special education institutions in the country.

As society and working life have changed at an increasingly rapid speed, Live has courageously moved forward and evolved together with its surrounding world. In recent years, most notably, the whole foundation and its services were renamed and rebranded under the unified, new Live brand. We partnered with Live to further strengthen, unify, and bring to life their renewed brand strategy.


  • Long table research
  • Focus group interviews
  • Storytelling and copywriting
  • Brand video production
  • Culture handbook
  • Creative communications concepting


We conducted interviews, focus groups, and Long table research to understand the challenge at hand and the world of Live more deeply. It was clear that Live was still struggling with its renewed and thus unknown brand. The research provided insights and leverage points for the brand story and communications, such as how people relate to the meanings of ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’.


”Co-founders really has their finger on the pulse of societal and cultural issues. They can dig deep for human insights and find creative and efficient ways to communicate them in order to create distinctive and relevant brands on a societal level.” Leena Hallamaa, Director, Communications & Customer Relations, Live


People both internally and externally resonated deeply with the values and the needed societal change that Live is championing. What was needed, was for Live to be an even more vocal and courageous changemaker. By organizing creative workshops and by iterating through different concepts, we found a strategic narrative, a brand story, and communications tactics that give Live a more active voice in the society.


”The concept of a renewed brand process and brand story convinced me to choose Co-founders. Furthermore, working with Co-founders is not only creative and effective, but also great fun.” Leena Hallamaa, Director, Communications & Customer Relations, Live


Together with Live and our external partners, we built new ways for Live to bring its renewed brand strategy and story to action. We brought the brand story to life via a high-quality brand video, created multiple creative communications concepts, and created a ‘Live ambassador’ culture handbook to remind Live employees that all (inter)actions are Live brand (inter)actions. The Live brand is now truly coming (a)live.

”Co-founders is a unique consultancy in the way they combine their understanding and expertise of brand and culture. For an organization like us, where the most important brand interactions are the everyday human interactions that our employees have with our customers and partners, we couldn’t have had an agency that only understands brands or only understands company culture.” Leena Hallamaa, Director, Communications & Customer Relations, Live