Helping a 60 year old shoe business find its strategic footing



Pomar, a 60 year old family business specialising in shoe-making, sought our help in finding a common, new strategic direction for the company. Pomar was struggling with issues that are common among family businesses: a delayed generational transition and the absence of a formal, high-level strategic plan. The company needed external support in charting a way forward that made sense business-wise, motivated people across the organisation and brought together different generations of owners. Pomar also needed to overcome the comfort zone of “the way things have always been done”, and embark on a bold, future-oriented and customer-focused journey.

Our project with Pomar extended from conducting a detailed as-is analysis, to formulating and facilitating the new strategy. We are currently continuing our work on implementing the strategy together with the Pomar leadership team.


  • Insights & analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement workshops
  • Customer-focused strategy formulation
  • Product portfolio analysis
  • Strategy implementation
  • Performance tracking and KPIs


Our research phase involved a deep dive into Pomar’s history, internal operations, as well as its current positioning and perception in the market. We interviewed key stakeholders, analysed financial and product data, and delivered an extensive as-is analysis report on the current external and internal state of the company. By giving various stakeholders a chance to share their views and formulating a clear understanding of where the company is today, we created a solid base to chart our way towards the future.



We took a commercial approach when formulating the strategy, starting with Pomar’s desired market position and its unique value proposition. We worked our way iteratively from there, starting from the long term focus areas towards the short term priorities and projects – then readjusting the long-term goals in line with a more concrete, action-oriented strategy.



The most important part of any strategy work is the execution, otherwise strategy remains an aspiration. We helped Pomar set performance tracking and KPIs to better measure whether the strategy is well implemented and follows the right track. In 2024 we continue implementing the strategy alongside Pomar, working as their extended team.