Driving sustainability in the Finnish food system


Famifarm, known for their beloved Järvikylä brand, is a Finnish salad and herb producer. Famifarm entrusted us with a pivotal project: to champion their sustainability communications through the creation of their Sustainability Report 2022 and a Sustainability Communications Plan. With an unwavering commitment to sustainable farming and responsible business practices, Famifarm sought to amplify their environmental and social stewardship with strategic communications.

The project was based on a close collaboration with Famifarm, delving deep into their business operations, daily practices, and sustainability goals. Fusing our expertise in sustainability with a profound understanding of Famifarm’s business dynamics, we ensured that their communications will resonate with their reality and their vision for sustainability-driven growth.

Together, we crafted the Sustainability Report 2022, which showcases Famifarm’s sustainability commitments in the three ESG areas. We believe that the report, combined with a solid communications plan foster deeper engagement around sustainability with both internal and external stakeholders.



  • Long table research
  • Materiality assessment
  • Co-creative workshops
  • Sustainability report
  • Sustainability communications plan
  • Sustainability value proposition


Sustainability Report 2022

The Sustainability Report 2022 is Famifarm’s third sustainability report and the most comprehensive one so far.

We started the project with running co-creative workshops together with Famifarm’s key people, gaining access to all data and insight across different functions. We then built a framework for the report based on ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance. We divided Famifarm’s sustainability work into these three dimensions: We feed green transition (E), We nurture our community (S), and We grow sustainably (G). Based on these dimensions, we showcased the work that was done in 2022 and set key targets for the next reporting year.

To strengthen the inclusivity and acknowledging the multi-lingual workforce at Famifarm, the report was written in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. It was made as a print copy, as well as an online version for Famifarm’s website.


Sustainability Communications Plan

The Sustainability Communications Plan empowers Famifarm to communicate their sustainability journey effectively with different audiences across various platforms.

We formulated their Sustainability and Impact Vision, their Sustainability Proposition, and their Approach to Sustainable Business based on their business strategy and the materiality assessment. We also crafted key messages around the three dimensions of ESG. Moreover, we set the right tone of voice and attitude for communications as well as a detailed description of which topics their different stakeholders are most interested in hearing. Finally, we created a content calendar for different channels for 2023.

Working on this project together with Famifarm is an example of our shared commitment to sustainability.