Creating Thought Leadership With Biowaste



Bioska is a Finnish manufacturer of multi-layer films that come with a bold mission: to be as durable as traditional plastic yet 100% compostable. Over the years, Bioska has evolved as a company in conjunction with its R&D and raw materials. Today, as part of the international Walki Group, Bioska has the opportunity to grow as one of the leading actors within the biowaste management sector in Europe and transform the market.

The Challenge

With its well-known biowaste bag, the company enjoys a high brand awareness in Finland. Yet, as the competition is increasingly intensifying within the category of biowaste management, Bioska was seeking to further strengthen its brand positioning and bring the brand communications to the next level.

The Solution

Co-founders facilitated the brand strategy work, and, as always when working to renew something, we started the work by analysing the current situation of the brand. The management team of Bioska was involved in the work from the very beginning.

In the first phase, we conducted a comprehensive positioning and segmentation study in order to gain a rich and nuanced understanding on how the outside world, i.e. consumers currently perceive the brand.

After rounds of interpretations and revisiting the data, the position, the purpose, the values, and the mission of the brand were crystallised. In the second phase, we then created the new brand assets, guidelines, and communications to support the renewed strategy.

The Result

As the most essential results of the profound brand strategy work, Bioska now has a clearly defined brand positioning and an inspiring purpose-statement.

The people at Bioska now understand the mindsets and needs of their primary and secondary target audiences even better. They also have the means to be relevant for them in all the potential touchpoints: New brand marketing assets have been launched, including the logo, the packaging, the website, and the advertisements. In addition, the online communications have been taken to the next level and Bioska personnel are trained to act as brand ambassadors.

This is a great starting point for building thought leadership in an area of biowaste management. Too good of an opportunity to waste.