Helping Young People Grasp the Concept of Circular Economy


Circular Classroom is a social responsibility programme by Walki.

The Challenge

Walki was looking for a meaningful way to contribute to society as a good corporate citizen. The management team of Walki wanted to find a solution that supports the company’s values and is in line with the business strategy.

The Solution

In our background discussions with Walki it became obvious that Walki is concerned about circular economy being so poorly known as a concept among young people. These young people are, after all, the future leaders who need to bring the concept alive.

We decided to design a corporate social responsibility program called Circular Classroom. The program is built on an online learning platform that allows teachers and students across the globe to learn more about the circular economy. The pedagogical content is produced by one of the world’s leading circular economy experts, Leyla Acaroglu, who holds a PhD in sociology and has been recognised by the UN as a Champion of the Earth for Science and Innovation. The programme offers inspirational introduction videos that address the topic.

The Result

The Circular Classroom program has helped Walki to communicate its business ambitions to a larger audience. The company is sincerely concerned about the future of the world and it works hard to innovate more sustainable solutions within its own industry. Over 80% of Walki’s products are currently made from plant-based renewables. The plan is to hit 100% by year 2030.

The program was well received by teachers and students in many countries. It was also recognized by organizations that work hard to increase awareness around sustainability issues, SITRA and TAT among others.

What’s more, The Circular Classroom program allows Walki’s personnel to be proud of their employer. It also helps them understand what the circular economy is all about and how their own work contributes to making it happen.