Building A Strategy For A Healthier Future



Folkhälsan is a modern non-profit organisation (NGO) operating in the field of social and health services. Aiming to be present at every stage of life, Folkhälsan’s activities span across education, care, assistance, and support. Founded in 1921, Folkhälsan employs today approximately 1,400 people. The associations across Swedish-speaking Finland have almost 19,000 members.

The Challenge

Folkhälsan will celebrate its centenary in 2021. The organisation wanted to have a fresh, updated strategy for all the different parts of the large organisation and was seeking to have a partner for the strategy work who has a wide understanding of societal matters and society as a whole. To put simply, the project given to Co-founders was to design a long-term strategy for Folkhälsan in close collaboration with its multiple stakeholders.

The Solution

We initiated the work by evaluating the status quo of the present activities by digging deep into vast amounts of research data and other materials, commissioned, or conducted, by Folkhälsan over the years. We also invited the key people in the organisation to take part in the process and used half-structured interviews to generate rich, deep, and nuanced understandings of how they see the organisation.

By applying our unique take on the Pestel-model, which we have created for client cases just like this, we then crafted a comprehensive ecosystem analysis. The strategy was built on the EFQM model and, by using the inductive logic, the insights are based on the interviews with the folks of the Folkhälsan.

The Results

The five-year strategy clearly defines the focus areas for and the most critical goals of the organisation as well as the concrete steps needed to reach those goals.

The last part of the project, the action plan, is still on our hands and will be delivered by the end of this year. So, folks, the best is yet to come.


Photo credits:
Folkhälsan / Nina Ahtola
Folkhälsan / Mikko Käkelä