Bringing a purpose-led brand to life



LEDiL is a recognised leader in the LED light industry, and an expert in technical know-how of optics. The company is headquartered in Finland, with subsidiaries in the USA, China and Hong Kong. LEDiL operates globally and works together with a wide value chain of suppliers, agents, distributors and other partners in order to design the best possible products and solutions for their customers and end-users.

Faced with a new stage of growth, LEDiL wanted to clarify its overarching brand story and to define its shared purpose in order to engage with all of the company’s stakeholders in a holistic way.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Experience Design
  • Internal Brand Engagement
  • External Brand Engagement


While product marketing and communications had been thoroughly developed to highlight LEDiL’s sharp technical expertise, the company was missing a well-designed overarching brand story and experience. This made it difficult for wider audiences to understand why LEDiL exists and how it creates value for the wider ecosystem of light and for the global society.

LEDiL was looking for a way to strengthen its relationship with external stakeholders, as well as to reenergize and inspire its employees and agents to drive the future of the company towards new heights.


We started by articulating the brand strategy and defining the why – the reason LEDiL exists as a company. LEDiL’s renewed mission “Perfecting light for a luminous future” became a purpose that not only belongs to the company, but one that can be shared by all stakeholders part of the wider ecosystem of light.

During the brand strategy work, we mapped out LEDiL’s desired position on the market, as well as the brand attributes, tone-of-voice and personality, making sure that we align these with the company values. A detailed stakeholders map was created in order to help the employees deepen their understanding and know-how regarding each group.

The brand strategy became the backbone for designing the brand experience, including the future brand-level actions and communications.

We brought the brand alive by designing an inspiring and engaging brand experience, while working as in-house brand consultants. This allowed us to implement the brand strategy in a holistic manner, engaging the employees and agents (LEDiL’s brand ambassadors) in the process of co-creating the brand experience.

”We were very happy to have Co-founders as a partner in strengthening LEDiL’s brand. We got everything we wished for and beyond.” Petteri Saarinen, CEO, LEDiL


Our main focus was to strengthen the emotional connection with the LEDiL brand, in a way that complements the company’s positioning as a technical expert.

We co-created a series of brand assets including a video, a set of images, an ambassador brief, as well as a renewed brand and content guidelines document to support future communications and engagement in a holistic and consistent way.

By bringing the purpose of LEDiL alive through storytelling across all media, and by designing hands-on tools for internal and external communications we set a solid ground for future brand leadership.