What it means

Brand is the expression of all the (inter)actions of your organisation.

Brand development travels beyond marketing and communications. Think of it as a living organism influenced by everything your organisation does and how it interacts with the surrounding world.

Our job is to help you create relevance

  1. Generate customer and market insights

    We help you reach the most relevant audiences.

    • Customer segmentation
    • Positioning analysis
    • Customer behaviour analysis
    • Influencer analysis
    • Opportunity analysis
  2. Create the brand strategy

    We help you state why you exist and what you stand for.

    • Brand position
    • Brand vision and mission
    • Brand values
    • Value proposition
    • Brand personality
    • Brand KPI setting
  3. Design the brand experience

    We help you document how the brand strategy is reflected in everything you do.

    • Product and service design
    • Brand guidelines
    • Design DNA
    • Communications strategy
    • User insight
    • Marketing strategy
  4. Bring the brand alive internally

    We help you bring the brand alive internally.

    • Brand launch (traditional, virtual and hybrid events)
    • Brand trainings
    • Brand ambassadors’ manual
    • Branded processes
    • Branded work spaces
  5. Bring the brand alive externally

    We help you express your personality across all touchpoints.

    • Bought media
    • Owned media
    • Earned media
    • Shared media
    • Retail spaces
  6. Measure performance and adjust

    We help you ensure the effectiveness of all activities.

    • Performance analysis
    • Suggestions for improving the performance

Did you know?

The operating profit of companies that have a clear brand-orientation is on average twice as big as the operating profit of companies that don't have one.

(Gromark and Melin, 2010)


Challenges today

The era when marketers could control brand perception is nearly forgotten. Today, audiences are pushing back against purpose-washing whenever grand statements are disconnected from the actual behaviour of the organisation.

How to tackle them

We approach brand in a holistic manner using the relational brand approach. This approach takes the context in which brands and people meet into consideration and it suggests that interactions with brands are always meaning-driven. To be successful, brand needs to be high up on the agenda of the whole management team and the board.

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